Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meditation for Sunday October 7th: Seeking & Finding Unconditional Love

Ah, Job, no doubt of his integrity
while certain of his blessings, fresh with vows
of faithfulness and works of charity,
flush with the love of his generous God!
His obedience stood up to the loss
of goods and servants and even offspring,
no sin of the lips, no curse did he toss
into his well of naked suffering.
To love and to be loved with one’s whole self,
a yearning children know and adults hide,
shroud in rules, dusty scrolls on a shelf,
to veil hearts hardened in the to and fro
of risk and error wandering, contracts
masquerading as the holy union
of created partners drawn to compacts
of unconditional love responding,
receiving, rejoicing in its one Source.
Naked as Job, innocent as children,
a trust no mortal sunders in the course
of jealousy or trial -- one true gift:
  for a soul once bound to God, no divorce.